Endeavoring for Higher Satisfaction to Team Up with Our Owners and Property Management Companies to Provide Them with Quality and Cost Effective Experience to Successfully Accomplish their Projects with A to Z Prime Service. 

Having accomplished more than 16 projects over the Greater Los Angeles Area in various construction divisions with experienced engineers, we look forward to solve all your problems and achieve your goals.

Our Services

Engineering & Planning

Our Engineering team is capable of designing all kind of projects such as Seismic Retrofits, New Residential and Commercial Construction, Remodeling, and Landscaping projects. 

Construction  & Contracting

Our Projects are of various divisions such as seismic retrofits, New residential and Commercial Construction, Remodeling and Landscaping.  

Free Onsite Projects Assessment

 We set an appointment to assess your project and summarize what options you have, Call us to set an appointment and discuss your project.

Projects Financing Mutual Referrals 

Our financial partners can offer the most convenient financing opportunities for you to build your project. They are well known and have been established since more than 100 years.

Why Choosing Us? Check Our Reviews



 Daniel R.

West Los Angeles

 " I was lucky to work with this Engineer and Contractor, he retrofitted my building and accomplished it successfully within 5 weeks. He was handling at the same time a big new construction project and a remodeling project. Professional and respectful. Thank you! "



 David D.

West Los Angeles

  " Had my Soft Story Retrofitted,  He accomplished my project very fast with no headaches. He communicates on a timely manner and cares for his clients to be satisfied. "



Yi Lu P.

West Los Angeles

 " I hired Everest Construct to do my Retrofit, I'm glad I did so, I was very worried and been postponing this project, but the Contractor guided me for the whole process. Their progress was remarkable and was as discussed before and agreed on. I recommend them. "